The Circuit Roadtrip

Thursday, June 15, 2017 - 06:30 to Sunday, July 16, 2017 - 18:00
Meeting Point: 
Uhuru Park

A 2 day 1 Night Road-trip Event that will see Team Mazda circle Mt. Kenya. During the run we shall get to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the landscape in this time of the year. The event is open to all Mazda Owners and their families. It will be a time of fun, bonding between man and machine as well as provide a time to meet the various Mazda owners across the platforms and loads of pictures to be taken @ specific points (Equator, County Gates etc...)

There is a charity element to this event whereby we shall get to visit the Nanyuki Children's Home and spend some quality time with the children as we bless them with the various donations that we shall have collected.

Also planned is a mini football match between the children and Team Mazda.

About Nanyuki Children's Home:-
The institution houses over 60 Children of various ages and sizes. Our visit is to bond with the children as well as seek to improve their quality of life. They handle cases of abandoned children, orphans, special needs children etc.

Age Bracket: 2 Weeks - 18 Yrs.

Some of the items they are in dire need of:
Food Items:
- Rice
- Maize meal Flour
- Cooking oil
- Wheat Flour
- Salt
- Porridge Flour
- An assortment of cereal grains (green grams, lentils, beans, peas, etc.)
- Sugar
- Weetabix

- Baby Oil
- Petroleum jelly
- An assortment of Detergents and Bar Soaps
- Sanitary Towels
- Tissue papers

- New undergarments and socks
- Any item of clothing that you may want to give.

Donations are welcome both in Kind and in cash. Monetary donations can be sent to Lipa na Mpesa Till number 215345 (Team Mazda) and it will be used to purchase donations.