Kajiado Calls - A Second Time

Saturday, July 7, 2018 - 09:00 to 18:00
Meeting Point: 
Total Mombasa Road - KFC Drive Thru

Ladies and Gentlemen.. #TeamMazdaKenya will be making a return visit for a charity mission to Bridges Children's Home. This road trip will be uplift the spirits of the recipients of the charity as well as allow the Team Mazda community to enjoy their machines for a worthy cause.
We also have a football match to play with the little ones among other super fun activities that are slated for the day.

We shall also make it to the Namanga border afterwords for a time of bonding with fellow Mazda owners.

More About the institution

The institution has 100 Children in primary school of various ages and sizes.
Age bracket: (2weeks - 20yrs)
Some of the success stories form the school are: Street Boy to Pilot amongst others.
Currently they have a child sponsored by the wings to fly initiative by equity to a national High School.
Institution is sitting on a 5 Acre piece of land in the Kisaju Area and have various projects running.

Let us be a blessing to them with donations towards the institution.

Clothing Items:
- Shoes & Slippers of various sizes
- Inner Wear for young Ladies & Gentlemen between 8-18yrs
- Various sizes of clothes.


-Daipers(mini & maxi)
-Fomula Milk
-Petroleum Jelly

Food Items:
- Cooking Oil
- Porridge Flour
- Maize Flour
- Spaghetti
- Wheat Flour


- (ladies)Sanitary Pads
- Disinfectant
- Bathing and Washing Soap

- Excercise Books
- School Bags

We shall also share some snacks with them on the material day
- Biscuits
- Juice
- Ckaes
- Fruits

Please Endavor to bring items from the list above.